Japanese-Language-Learning Tool: rikaichan

Rikaichan is a wonderful tool for reading the Internet in Japanese. A Firefox add-on Japanese dictionary, rikaichan allows you to scroll over a Japanese word to get the definition, the information for any kanji in the word, the pronunciation, and, if applicable, the verb tense. Instead of spending time copying and pasting from one website into an website-based dictionary, you can just read and scroll!

rikaichan in action

In addition to reading websites or the news, rikaichan is also a great help for making travel arrangements online. For example, when booking a night bus via Willer Travel, you can travel to more locations from Kanazawa by using the website in Japanese rather than in English. On some bilingual shopping sites, the option will come up for cash on delivery if you browse in Japanese. Let rikaichan help you enjoy your life in Japan!

You can download the free rikaichan add-on for Firefox (doesn’t work in other browsers) here. You will need to download both the main extension and one dictionary in the language of your choice (Japanese-English, Japanese-German, etc.).

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and sometimes scrolls over English words she doesn’t know in hopes that Rikai-chan will teach her.


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