Taiko & Haiku Workshop

Photo: ItzaFineDay

The Hakusan International Association is putting on a lovely Taiko (Japanese drumming) and Haiku (short Japanese poetry) Workshop to foreigners living in Ishikawa — sounds like a great way to pass some of this snowy winter!

The workshop is open to 40 people, which will be split into 2 groups.  One group will do a taiko workshop in the morning, get lunch, and then move on to a haiku workshop in the afternoon.  The other group will do the opposite.  Learn about and experience taiko and haiku in English from people who know what’s going on!

The event costs 1,000 yen to join (the cost includes lunch) and a reservation is necessary – deadline is January 20th!

JETs have already received this informational flier in their email, but even if you’re not a JET, you may be able to join event.  Just contact them and ask nicely.  They may have some extra space or feel friendly.  I think they often don’t know how to contact other foreigners in the area.

Here’s a summary:

When: Sunday, January 31, 2010.    9:50am – 3:00pm

Where: Meet at Chiyo-jo Haiku Museum, in front of the JR Matto Station (a few stops south of Kanazawa).

Cost: 1,000 yen (lunch included)

Deadline: January 20th, 2010 — contact Keiko Uno to sign-up.

Contact: (English okay!) Keiko Uno, 076-274-9520 (9am-5pm)

Email: k-uno [at] city.hakusan.lg.jp


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