Sporcle: Mind Stimulating Entertainment

Since most of us reading this are Engish teachers in Japan, I thought I’d point out Sporcle, a website that touts its mind-stimulating entertainment.  Most relevant to our ilk is the “language” cateogry, where you can find games testing generic and questionably-useful topics relating to the broad category of “language”.  I found a game that reviewed animal names in Spanish and another one that wanted you to list out the top 100 “commonest” English words.

If you’re not secretly a fan of language games, no need to fear.  You can embarrass yourself by failing to remember all 50 states or challenge yourself to learn every country in the world.  Or if you’re really want to stretch the idea of “mind stimulating” you can play a variety of “remember all of the —” quizzes, which span from Harry Potter books to Disney villians.

If you’re looking to do a little more than just stimulate your brain, you can also check out freerice.com, where you can play similar games, but also donate rice as you play.  We wrote about it previously here.


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