The 35th Grand Minyo Festival

The following post is a guest post regarding an upcoming cultural event, courtesy of dipstar.

Photo Source: Visit Toyama

This is a little known all day event which will take place at Kanazawa Kangekiza next Monday. Performers from 13 different folk song/dance schools from Ishikawa will perform various different local and country-famous Minyo songs and dances in an effort to promote and preserve these beautiful traditions for generations to come.

Tickets are 2000yen (2500) at the door, but dipika has a limited supply of tickets available for 1000yen. Please PM her via the j-talk forum or e-mail her if you would like one.

When: Monday November 23rd
Time: 10:30 onwards (probably till mid-afternoon?)
Where: Kanazawa Kagekiza (Next to 21st C Art museum, opposite Pref. Library/MRO)

For more information, JETs can also contact dipstar via this topic in the J-Talk forum (you must log in for it to be visible).


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