Lupicia Tea

There is a tea shop called Lupicia that recently opened in the basement of Forus.  It is a great, small shop that specializes in nearly every kind of tea imaginable and offers them up at reasonable prices.  For those of you living in or around Kanazawa, it is definitely worth stopping by, especially since it is conveniently located in Forus.  At the store they have several dozen teas available to see and sniff to help you decide which ones are right for you.  Prices vary from 500yen-3000yen for a 50g tin (10% discount for a bag).  Also, for those of us who can’t regularly make it to Kanazawa, Lupicia has a website where you can view their catalog and print out an order form to have tea delivered.



6 thoughts on “Lupicia Tea

  1. That store is so fabulous. They also have a larger version in the basement of Daiwa in Kanazawa (it’s near that underpass that goes toward Kourinbo 109). I definitely recommend checking it out!

  2. Thanks for the tip Tammy. I’ll check out their bigger store in Kanazawa next time I go. Their website is great, too. The prices are the same as the store and you get free shipping if you purchase more than 2500yen’s worth of tea.

  3. Wow, I was there just yesterday afternoon! You’re right, it’s a great store with very helpful staff (I went to the one under Daiwa). Bought some very nice genmaicha–actually, the label says “Matcha Kirara Rice Tea.” I’ll definitely be back.

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