Notojima Glass Museum 能登島ガラス美術館

Cafe at the Glass Museum

Cafe at the Glass Museum

The Notojima Glass Museum is a great place to visit on a rainy day. The building itself is a visual treat in and of itself, and the glass work in the exhibits and the permanent collection is fascinating. The museum has a section on the history of glassmaking in Europe, which includes some beautiful pieces from Venice and Germany. There are pieces from Qing Dynasty China. Collection B houses pieces by modern artists from around the world. Since this is in the Noto, you may be surprised to learn that this permanent collection houses a Chagall, a Picasso, and, not one, but two pieces by Dali.

The other galleries are rotating exhibits. I went during the exhibit on Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass art. The current exhibit, which will run from 31 October 2009 to 15 March 2010 is 色彩のパレード (Parade of Colors), which will feature colorful glass pieces from around the world. The next exhibit, which will run from 20 March to 14 June 2010, will be ガラスのかたまり (Masses of Glass).

Aside from the titles of the works and the names of the artists, the museum’s displays are in Japanese. If you don’t read Japanese, it’ll take you about 30 minutes to look at all the pieces. If you do read Japanese (and you like to read the information about the pieces and exhibits), give yourself about 2 hours. Be sure to check out the pieces outside on the hill!

The museum is about a ten-minute drive from the Notojima Aquarium, so you could visit that while there. Also, Notojima is about a 40 minute-drive (or a 30 minute bus ride and short train trip) from Nanao, which has a Uniqlo and a Book-off, in addition to other shopping.

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and can’t get enough of Art Noveau.

Click the link for information!

April through November: Monday—Friday 9:00-17:00 (Weekends 9:00-16:30)
December through March: Monday—Friday 9:00-16:30 (Weekends 9:00-16:00)
*Closed every third Tuesday of the month. (If the third Tuesday is a holiday, the museum will be closed the following Wednesday.) Also closed during the year-end holidays (29 December to 1 January).

The café and gift shop are open 9-16:30 year round. The restaurant and store at the bottom of the hill closes around 17:00.

Exhibit schedules
(Japanese only)

800 yen for adults; free for elementary-school children.
Print this page for a 100 yen discount (700 yen/ adult) for up to 5 people.

TEL 0767-84-1175


By car:
There are two ways of getting to Notojima; taking the 249 to the 256 and 257 from the north or taking the 1 and the 257 from the south. The area is well marked with bilingual signs.

Free parking in the adjacent lots and the lot of the restaurant at the bottom of the hill.

By public transit:
Bus schedule
Take the Nanao Line to Wakura Onsen station. In front of the station, get on the bus forのとじま臨海公園行き (toward Notojima Rinkai Kouen / Notojima Coastal Park) and take the bus to 美術館前 (Bijutsukan mae). From Wakura Onsen Station, it costs 550 yen and takes about 30 minutes.

A taxi from Wakura Onsen Station to the museum will take 20 minutes and cost 3000 yen.


3 thoughts on “Notojima Glass Museum 能登島ガラス美術館

  1. I’ve been to this museum, and I definitely think it’s worth a trip. It’s pretty interesting to see this amazing museum in the middle of the Noto! This was part of a whole “Noto” trip for me…there’s a lot to see in this beautiful area!

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