Keijiro Monogatari

This post comes courtesy of dipstar.  Read on for more information about an interesting performance taking place soon!

Keiji Monogatari” is a show based on the life of Maeda Toshimasu, whose uncle was Maeda Toshiie – famous for ruling Kaga Hyakumangoku. (Keiji was adopted by Toshiie’s older brother.) Maeda Toshimasu (often depicted under the name of Keiji or Keijiro) is often portrayed as a prankster and is often dubbed crazy, or kabukimono, by others for his wild ways.

The performance incorporates actingstreet dancingaudio-visuals, and also a rare chance to see kenbu sword dancing performed by the only kenbu sensei in the Hokuriku area, Murata Hikoji.

Kenjiro Monogatari takes place at the Kanazawa Citizens Art Center, Performance Square.

There will be 3 performances:

■ Saturday Nov 7th: 18:00 
■ Sunday Nov 8th: 14:00 and 19:00

Tickets are 3000円 advance/3500円 door.

If you would like to reserve tickets, please contact “dipikasoni18 [at] gmail [dot] com” (the earlier the better) with your namedate & time of the performance you’d like to attend, and number of tickets.


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