Kanazawa Yado-Time

There’s a new resource out there for all you traditional culture junkies!  It’s called Kanazawa Yado Time.  Yado Time is a blog run by the Kanazawa Ryokan and Hotel Cooperative Association.

Kanazawa Yado Time

The Kanazawa Ryokan Association website is very useful on its own, its got listings of over 30 hotels and ryokans in the Kanazawa area that you can explore in English via the internet, and even reserve in English.  Send it to your friends and parents who are coming to visit so they easily reserve their own rooms!  They also have a annual events calendar and some basic facts about Ishikawa for travelers.  But truly, the gem of the site is the Yado Time blog.  On it they offer their own free tours and culture activities for foreigners as well as discounts and chances to see traditional entertainment in Higashichaya.  This month’s offerings include a chance to experience Zen meditation at Daijoji Temple with an English guide!  If you’re interested, check out this post and email them for a reservation!



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