Typhoon Information

Hey all,

I just wanted to put up a quick post so you can see the current information about the Japan typhoon warning.  As a prefectural ALT, it’s up to my school’s principal to decide whether or not we’re required to go to school.

You can check out the Japan Meteorological website for the typhoon forecast (you can see its trajectory — and it’s in English).

A typhoon means a lot of rain and a lot of wind, so make sure that you keep your doors locked and don’t forget to close your windows (even the tiny one in the bathroom, if you have one!)  Hopefully this will all be a lot of worry for nothing, but we want safety first!


4 thoughts on “Typhoon Information

  1. Thank you for this posting- my daugther Allie is in Kanazawa and this is reassuring. Hope you are weathering the wild storm well and that you are safe and dry.


  2. I live in Nonoichi (right next to Kanazawa), and around 6am this morning there were strong winds that I wouldn’t want to be out against, but nothing too dangerous. By 9am, everything looks pretty much like a grumpy winter storm. Lots of rain, windy (but safe to walk in), and the tiny canal near my house is pretty full with water. However, I think everything in the Kanazawa area is pretty good so far.

    All elementary and junior high school classes in Ishikawa have been canceled for today. Yesterday my principal also talked to me personally to encourage me to stay home if I thought the winds were too strong. Then again at 9pm he had my supervisor call me and encourage me to stay home, just in case. I just want you to know that they’re looking out for our safety, too 🙂

    I’ll post of any changes occur.

  3. Same as Tammy. Was given the day off; river looks pretty swollen but otherwise it’s just a storm so far.

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