Restaurant Review: Rotti

Indian Restaurant Rotti インドレストランロッティ

Living in rural Ishikawa may mean that you don’t have international cuisine in your town, but a trip to Kanazawa can remedy this.  When I first moved to Ishikawa, my sempai took me to Rotti, an Indian restaurant.  It’s a rather small place by American standards, but it has a good atmosphere and excellent food. I am a particular fan of saag, a spinach-based dish, and saag paneer, which is saag with cheese. I can never seem to find those dishes in Indian restaurants in my hometown, so I was ecstatic to see them on the menu.

I ordered a “ladies’ set,” which includes a curry, a small salad, a piece of tandoori chicken, nan, and a soft drink or dessert, for ¥1400. This seems to be the cheapest option, and you can really split one ladies’ set between two people. If you order regular nan, you get a huge piece the size of an Western dinner plate.  I special-ordered my set with kandbari nan, which is nan filled with almond paste and cherries, which cost me an extra ¥300. It’s delicious on its own, but it is to die for when dipped in saag paneer. The mango juice there is also quite good.

Ladies' Set of saag paneer, salad, tandoori chicken, and (substituted) kandbari nan

Ladies' Set of saag paneer, salad, tandoori chicken, and (substituted) kandbari nan

You can also get just tandoori chicken for around ¥1000 or buy a curry plate for around ¥1700. Most of the curries are available with or without meat, so vegetarians have lots of options, too. In addition, you can select the level of spiciness: 甘、普通、中辛、激辛and インド辛い: sweet, regular, medium hot, extremely hot, and “Indian style.”  The medium level was fine for me—not too spicy by my standards. The next time I was in town, I tried the 大辛, but that was a little too spicy and had me calling the waiter over every ten minutes for water.

The menu is in English and Japanese, so you should be able to find your favorites easily.



Rotti is located at

石川県金沢市鞍月5丁目92 (Ishikawa-ken, Kanazawa-shi, Kuratsuki 5-chome 92)

Tel. 076-239-4999‎

Located on behind Kanazawa BeanS on the Kencho Road.  By bus, get off at the 県庁 (Kenchou) and walk about 10 minutes along the road in front of the Kenchou offices; the restaurant is behind Kanazawa BeanS.  Free parking for cars, too.

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and will be ordering the saag paneer and kandhari naan.


4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Rotti

  1. Seems a little expensive for not very much saag paneer in that pic!
    I recommend trying some of the others – Hot House, Rubinna, Sharma that have been around a bit longer.
    Also had a friend recommend the relatively new Sharma in Forus for ‘good taste’.

  2. It’s actually more food than it looks like–the dish of saag paneer is deeper than it is wide. Most people I know have trouble finishing the set.

    Guest posts are welcome!

  3. Seriously, I’d take Rotti’s Saag Paneer over Hot House’s (and I adore Hot House).

    Not as big fan of Sharma or Rubinna. Both were spicy but weren’t near as favorful. If you haven’t been to Rotti yet – seriously get you some stuff. Besides, Rotti as a location may not have been around as long, but I’d swear it’s the same guys that ran Shangrila in Tatemachi way back when.

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