Hourai Matsuri in Tsurugi

Video: tsysminami

For those of you who don’t know, Ishikawa’s biggest fall festival is happening tomorrow (Saturday, Oct 3rd) in Tsurugi.  By all reports, this is a fabulous festival with all the standard fixins: food booths, festival games, young men carrying around floats and badgering the crowd, and just a good old cheerful atmosphere.  apparently there are also bigger events that change up every year.  Last year, Jero (the famous enka singer) showed up.  Who knows what will happen this year.

Assuming you’re feeling like wandering over there, plug your nearest train station as the “start point” in Hyperdia (an AMAZING website all foreigners in Japan should know about) and mark “Tsurugi” as your end destination.  Find out how much it will cost, how long it will take, and even when the trains are coming.

(I’ve shamelessly stolen the following information from an email sent from our lovely Hakusan Area leader.  She’s gone to the event every year she’s been here and loves it!)

Getting there:

From Matto: Option 1
Take the train from Matto to Nishikanazawa (Y180).  Get off there and cross the parking lot to the Hokutetsu train line platform.  Get on and head towards Tsurugi (Y440)!

From Nomachi:
The other way to do it is to take the bus (anything towards KZ Eki, for example 40/41/Terai Public Office) and get off at Nomachi.  Walk down the side street (there’s a Hokokku Ginkou on the corner) to Nomachi Station.  Buy your ticket from the machine and get on (Y460)!

From Tsurugi Station you can easily walk to the center of town where the festival is, just follow everyone else.  You can also walk from there to the shrine, or you can can one or two more stops to Kaga Ichinomiya which is only a 10 minute walk.

Go here for more details on what can be done in that area:

I’m crossing my fingers for good weather!


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