Malga Gelato

Looking for a great place to chill out?  Virginia, a 2nd year JET in the Noto, wrote this awesome guest post about a beloved-gelato joint up in the Noto (and also in Nonoichi — the town right next to Kanazawa and Matto!) By coincidence I just went to the Nonoichi location, and the gelato is delicious.

Photo: Virginia Middleton

Sitting here in the sweltering school staffroom during summer vacation got me thinking how nice a Gelato would be right now… especially one of the delicious flavours from ‘the Gelato place’ in Noto Cho.

Last year (my first year) I was taken to Malga Gelato by the current JETs and enjoyed the Cream Cheese and Roasted Almond flavours – both were to die for!!! Personally I didn’t enjoy the Salt or Ginger flavours but I know they are a big hit with other Noto JETs!! This weekend I am going back and this time I hope to try both Pumpkin and Edamame!

Malga Gelato (or the shop more commonly known as ‘the Gelato place’ serves all the usual suspects ( strawberry, orange, blueberry,mango, rum and raison, banana, matcha, peach, chocolate, vanilla and caramel) but it is more famous for the not-so-usual flavours it creates.

Photo: Malga Gelato

Staple Flavours (served all year round)

natural salt, pumpkin, cream cheese, ishiri (fish sauce), sweet potato, black sesame, roasted almonds

Seasonal flavours (not served all year)

Kanazawa watermelon, pistachio, edamame, soy milk, cider, black sesame and red wine, sake, Kaga cucumber and apple, honey, Kanazawa pear, ginger, champagne (made with Spumante), Kaga tea, Kaga plum wine, miso, brown sugar, soybean

Single scoop (cup or cone): 300円

Double: 420円 (including tax)

…but why stop there when you can upgrade to the Gelato box for 1050円 or one-step further to the take-home packs of either 8 (3200円) or 12 (4400 円) small punnets?

Photo: Malga Gelato

The store provides a dry ice service which will keep your Gelato frozen for at least 2 hours. They can also organise shipping of their products anywhere within Japan (for an extra fee of course).

They also serve soft crème, crepes, fresh cheeses and coffee and the shop also runs Gelato-making sessions in Kanazawa from time-to-time so if you’re interested, ask the staff for more information.

Noto (Main Store)

Open: 10:00 ~ 18:00.  March – October daily.  November – February closted Thursdays.

Address: 石川県鳳珠郡能登町字瑞穂163-1  (tip: copy/paste into Google Maps to see where this is)

On-site parking available.

Phone/Fax number: 0768-67-1003

Nonoichi Location (same products, but slightly more expensive).

Open: November to February 11:00 ~ 19:00, March to October 11:00 ~ 20:00.

Address: 石川県石川郡野々市町野代1-20-101  Take the 40, 41, or Terai Public Office bus to the “Inari” bus stop.  (370 yen from Kanazawa Train Station).  If you’re coming from Kanazawa, cross the street and walk about in the direction the bus just came from. Cross the street at the pedestrian crosslight (you’ll end up under a tall building that says “Takai” on it).  Turn left and walk for about 10 minutes (7 blocks or so).  (After you pass an elementary school field you’ll see a small shopping center on the right.) The gelato shop is in the shopping center!

(You can see the Nonoichi location on the Ishikawa Google Map — anyone can add to this map.  Use Ctrl + F to search for text on the page for text, such as “Malga Gelato” and see where it is in relation to other things that Ishikawa JETs have put on the page!)

Phone/Fax Number: 076-246-5580


So, the next time you’re in the Noto (or Nonoichi) drop in and say hi, and check out one of Malga Gelato’s delicious gelato flavours! You’re sure to be refreshed and your taste buds, tantalised!!


5 thoughts on “Malga Gelato

  1. Taste-testing:
    Rum-raisin is more rum than raisin.
    Yomoji (mugwort) is delightfully green and tasty.
    Goma (sesame) is my favorite “weird” flavor.
    Goma and satsumaimo (sweet potato) work really well as ice cream, but not too sweet.
    Beer is like the delicious love child of a good stout and ice cream.

  2. Maruga Gelato kicks ass. If you really want to have a wild afternoon in the Noto, head to Flatt’s for lunch and then down to Maruga for dessert. It doesn’t get much better than that…unless you live in Kanazawa.

    Out now is “shinmai” (fresh rice), fig, persimmon, and sweet potato. Shinmai is great, fig tastes good but has a strange texture, sweet potato is nice, and I don’t care for persimmons, soI have yet and will not ever try it.

    The guy who runs this place is great, too. When you order he just looks angry, as if you’re intruding by wanting to buy his gelato. But really he’s a nice guy and even served a few friends and I despite having already closed.

    Great place and a must-stop for Noto visitors.

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