Looking for new Ishikawa Bloggers!

Image: Mike Licht

My apologies for the total lack of posts recently.  With leaving-JETs busy packing up their belongings, exams, and new-JETs having not yet arrived, things are a little out of sorts.

However, I’ll do my best to maintain this as a one-man blog while recruiting our new bloggers (at which point, you can expect the content to jump back up to its previous fascinating and varied levels.)

That said, if you’ll be around for the next year (August 2009 – August 2010) and are interested in writing for this blog, click the “Contact Us” link at the top of this blog and shoot me a quick message. It’s a great way to pass on your knowledge to other people, and it’s a useful resource for those interested in learning about/coming to Ishikawa.

For those interested interested in blogging:

*Bloggers are responsible for writing 1 post a week (or once every 2 weeks) – doesn’t have to be long! You will be assigned a day to post, but you can write it any day and then schedule it to be posted later.  (In many cases, you can write your post during your down time at work.)

*You can write about any topic that interests you (that relates to being a foreigner in Ishikawa).  Topics might include good restaurants, volunteering opportunities, Japanese cultural information, Japanese language information, local events, lesson ideas, etc.  If you think it’s related to being a foreigner in Ishikawa, then it’s valid.

* Prior blogging experience isn’t necessary. WordPress is very easy to use (really!), and I’ll help you get started.

* You don’t have to know anything about Ishikawa…yet. That means you, Mr. Not-Yet-A-JET, but who will be here in a month!  New ALTs have something valuable to say, too.  Every day you’re learning something new, and sometimes it’s the fresh insights that are most valuable to people reading this blog.

If you’re interested (and can commit yourself), then click the “Contact Us”, and I’ll help you get started!

To everyone else, I’ll do my best while flying solo.


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