Get Your Photos Published! JET Programme Calendar

Hey ladies and gents!  Ever take some beautiful shots of some amazing out-of-the-way Japanese place and wish you could share it with someone besides your friends and family?  This is your chance!  The JET Programme calendar (the one you receive 3 copies of each year and that gets sent out to acceptees) needs submissions!  The deadline is JULY 3rd.

Rules under the cut…

Photographs are currently being collected for the 2010 JET Calendar and other CLAIR publications.

Photos can be sent in either of two formats:

●On CD-ROM (please include a colour print of each photo on the CD).
●Full colour print in size A4 (smaller-sized prints will not be accepted).
(NOTE: Photos sent by e-mail will not be accepted.)

In addition, you must indicate the following on the back of each photograph: name, e-mail address, year on the JET Programme, prefecture, the location where the photo was taken and a short description or title of the photograph.

CLAIR requests that you make copies of the items being sent because photographs and CDs will become the property of CLAIR and will not be returned.

In the case that you submit photographs including people’s faces, similar to those in the background of the desktop calendar, please receive permission from those featured BEFORE submission.

Please send all submissions to the address below no later than Friday, June 19.

***The new deadline for submission is Friday, July 3.***

ATTN: Mary Ring

Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)

JET Programme Management Department

Sogo Hanzomon Building, 6F

1-7 Kojimachi

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many photos can I submit?
A1. There is no limit to the number of photos a JET can submit.

Q2. If I am submitting a CD, do I need to submit A4 size prints as well?
A2. It is not necessary to send A4 photos if you send a CD with your photo data. However, we do request that CDs be accompanied by some form of print (on photo or copy paper).

Q3. Do the photos on the CD need to be submitted in a specific file type? (JPG, TIF, etc)
A3. All major file types should be acceptable for submission. Please make sure that the photo file is of high enough quality to produce an A4 size print if you would like it to be considered for the wall calendar.

Q4. Can I submit photos of my students?

A4. Photographs featuring the faces of people (including your students) are acceptable, provided you receive permission prior to submission.For more questions, please contact Mary Ring (m-ring[at]

(NOTE: Photos sent by e-mail will not be accepted.)

Actual page here.



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