Yosakoi Soran Competitions on TV!

Photo: daita

Yosakoi Soran is an energetic Japanese dancing style that is based on a traditional dance and music.  It is mostly used in competitions, which means that when Japanese dance Yosakoi Soran, they really dance.  It’s a fun form of Japanese dancing, and there are competitions all over Japan.

Dipstar, over at the Ishikawa JET forum, just wrote a great post about the Yosakoi Soran Nihonkai competitions, which is absolutely worth checking out.  Here’s a quick quote from the post:

There are over 50 teams in Ishikawa and they compete in 4 main “Yosakoi Soran Nihonkai” competitions each year
Kaga Competition in July, Kanazawa Competition in August, Noto Competition in September (late August this year), and the main final competition that takes place in Hodatsushimizu in October (this is where the first Yosakoi Soran teams were made in Ishikawa).

Teams have a new dance each year, and develop both a parade and stage version. Competitions last for 2 days, and on the first day all entry teams are judged on their parade version. (Teams perform a few times at various locations throughout the 2 days for ‘show’ as well). Then on the second day, teams that make the semi-final/final are judged on their stage versions, and the final results are announced. The competitions include all the usual matsuri stalls etc, and other singing/dancing performances.

Especially worth noting, this year’s Sapporo Yosakoi Soran competition will be broadcasted on some Ishikawa TV channels this weekend (June 12th-14th).  Check out Dipstar’s post for more details!


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