Fun with Yukata: June 27, 2009

Photo: kyz

Yukata are traditional summer wear.  They are lighter (and cheaper) than kimono, and during summer festivals you can see men and women of all ages sporting their yukata, bringing a very Japanese vibe to the whole event.

As a foreigner living in Japan, you may never have had the chance to wear a yukata, except perhaps to make your way too and from the onsen at your hotel.  Yukata do not deserve such a sheltered existence!

Luckily, the Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange (IFIE) is putting on an event where foreign women (sorry guys, you’re not invited) can learn how to properly put on a yukata, and then will take a stroll over to the beautiful Kenrokuen garden for some green tea.  Want in?  See details below.

Photo: morbuto

Deadline to sign up: June 19th (Friday)

Event date: June 27th.    AM Session:  10:00-12:30    PM Session: 2:00-4:30  (Choose the AM or PM session)

Where: Ishikawa International Exchange Salon (1-8-14 Hirosaka, Kanazawa) – a few blocks from the 21st Century Museum.

Who: Foreign women living in Ishikawa (sorry guys).

Bring: geta (Japanese sandals) or beach sandals – don’t forget your camera!

For more details (and to download the application form), see  the IFIE website.


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