Go Make a Difference: Donate Your Clothes

Photo: (nutmeg)

Many of us who came to Japan brought clothes that we just don’t use anymore.  All the bike-riding has caused our waistlines to shrink (or maybe you discovered a love for tempura and you’ve grown a bit).  Perhaps you’ve forsaken your single-layer wearing ways and it’s all about the light, flowy, multiple layers now.  Whatever the case, you’ve got stuff you’re just not wearing any more.

Lucky for you, right here in Ishikawa lives the national coordinator of a volunteer organization called Go M.A.D. (Go Make a Difference).  In a really simple way, you can make a difference in the lives of people in Thailand and India by donating some of your (wearable) clothes.  Please make sure they’re not full of holes or stained — and please wash them before you donate.  It takes money and effort for organizations to get your clothes to the people who need them.

Go M.A.D. especially needs clothes for men.  It’s hot in Thailand and India, so winter clothes cannot be accepted.

Photo: permanently_scatterbrained

Have something to donate?  Email Marie at go.make.a.difference [at] gmail.com

Deadline for donations: June 30th, so please email her before then.

(Don’t worry.  Marie is super nice and she’ll be thrilled you have something to donate!)


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