JoAnn Bakery: Mecca for Bread Lovers

Nonoichi JoAnn building

Dear Bread Lover,

If you’ve never been to JoAnn Bakery, you’ve missed something special–something so special that every day, hundreds, possibly thousands, of Japanese people visit daily.

Weekday, 3pm hordes

JoAnn Bakery is one of the few Japanese bakeries I’ve found that consistently has wheat bread — but they also have fruit-filled, nut-filled, seasonal-breads.  And free coffee (which I think is secretly why the swarms come).

Delicious bread

The original Ishikawa JoAnn is located in Nonoichi, across from the Town Hall (Open most days,  7am-7pm, closed most Mondays.)  They recently opened a second Ishikawa location in the new expansion of the Omicho Market, in Kanazawa (across from M’za), but the expansion isn’t nearly as glorious as the Nonoichi site.

Get There:

Nonoichi Location: Take the 40, 41, or Terai Public Office bus and get off at the “Taheiji” stop.  From there, you can walk for 20 minutes — just ask anyone where “JoAnn Pan-ya” is…they’ll know.  Alternatively you can get off at “Taheiji” and get on the local bus, called the “Notti”.  Get on the RED notti at Forte (big building with a giant “f” symbol) and ride it to the Town Hall.

If you’re into bike-riding, coming from Kanazawa, take a left at the Nonoich McDonalds and ride straight for 5-10 minutes.  JoAnn will be on your right.  Happy eating!


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