Coins, Stamps and Stickers from your home country

Hey there Beautiful People, Fergal here,

If you are reading this then you are either a current JET (or ALT with another company) in Japan, or you have been accepted to the JET programme and will be joining us shortly ^_^

If you are coming to Japan you are probably worrying about the sensible things to bring with you and while I am sure there will be a post going up on that soon, this is a post about the nice small fun things you could bring with you.

Money from your country. Its nice to bring a selection of the different coins and notes they use in your country to show students.

You can also bring a few dollars/euros/pounds etc worth of pennies

If you come from a country that sells penny stamps, bring those too.

Also buying stickers from your home country, something that won’t be available in japan. Thats also a lot of fun.

Its a nice way to reward students who win games in class or volunteer.

(if you are already in japan, ask a friend from home to send you stuff.)

This is great because it is a very cheap way to reward students, and foreign coins are always interesting.

I hope you try this out.

Have fun.

See ya’


One thought on “Coins, Stamps and Stickers from your home country

  1. I think this is a really great point. My students love the 1 cent stamps that I brought from the U.S., because they’re stickers, and they don’t have stamps like that in Japan.

    I have high school students and they LOVE stickers, stamps, and pennies. High school students here are really into cute things, so don’t feel like something is too young for your age group!

    (p.s. Adults in Japan find stamps really cool, too)

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