Mikawa Okaeri Festival

There’s no shortage of festivals this time of the year.  The Hakusan International Salon was offering English tours at the Mikawa Okaeri Festival, but even if you’re not going with them, it’s easy to get there and even easier to enjoy.

The festival is located in Mikawa, a small town a few stops south of Kanazawa.  Streets are lined with food stands and festival games, men are wandering around carrying portable shrines, shouting at shops, making racket with bugles, and hoisting huge bottles of sake.  The atmosphere is really friendly and fun, and is a super casual festival to go to.  The town is pretty smalll, so you really feel like you’re getting in on some local fun.  If you’ve already been to the Children’s Kabuki performance in Komatsu, give this festival a look…or spend the weekend, spending a day at each!

Get there: Take the train to “Mikawa”.  From Kanazawa it’ll take about 18 minutes and costs around 320 yen.  From Komatsu Station it takes about 12 minutes and is 230 yen.

Cost: Free!  But, again, bring money for delicious festival food!


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