Fun KZ Resource – Eye on Kanazawa


Recently a new publication has been floating around KZ – the first one’s front page graced by the lovely Belgian CIR Sophie.  The paper’s called “Eye on Kanazawa” and it’s a part of the “Yokoso Japan” campaign focusing on local events and interests in English.  The snappy layout, big maps and easy to read stories really bring Kanazawa to life.  The paper covers restaurants, festivals, local tourist attractions and seasonal events.  It’s great for newcomers but also for us oldtimers – even though our Japanese improves everyday, it’s still easy to miss out on event announcements (or new cafes!).  I’ve actually sent hard-copies to friends and family at home in an attempt to drag them out of the US.  You can find this awesome pulication all around town, including RIFARE, KZ Eki, Izumino Library and several places in Katamachi.  If you don’t have the time to search it out, check out their website!

~MS the Younger


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