Tonami Tulip Fair (April 23 – May 6)

Photo: John-Morgan

Revel in flowery goodness!  Run through fields of waving tulips!  Explore our neighboring prefecture, Toyama!  Do it all at the Tonami Tulip Fair, running from April 23rd to May 6th.  Open from 8:30-5:30 everyday.  ¥1000 entrance fee for adults.  

*Note: May 5th (Children’s Day), children can enter the park for FREE.  If you have kids, this may be a good day to go.  However, if you don’t have kids, you can expect the park to be littered with children.  Consider yourself warned!

Call 076-333-7716 for more information.

Get There: From the Kanazawa Train Station, take a local train (JR Hokuriku Line) to the JR Takaoka Station (36 minutes).  Then, at the JR Takaoka Station, switch to the JR Johana Line and take a local train to the JR Tonami Station (20 minutes).  The total trip should take about an hour and cost ¥950 each way.  The festival is a 15 minute walk from the JR Tonami Station.

*Bonus: If you use the train to get to the festival, you can get a ¥100 discount on your entrance ticket to the Tulip Fair.  Just pick up a pink flier with the train schedule on it (one for each person) and show it to the person at the ticket booth at the Tonami Tulip Fair.  Pink fliers are available at the Kanazawa Station and the Tonami Station.

Want to know more about festivals in Toyama?  Check out this awesome English list of yearly events.


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