Donate Rice in your Down Time

Donate rice and help the world.

Sure, the new year has started, but despite the few pockets of  whirlwind- activity, I’m still left with a lot of down time.

Today I managed to finish off printing a big project I’ve been working on, answer all of my emails, and skim through everything in my RSS feed…before lunch.

When I get this bored, I want to count myself lucky, but that usually only lasts a few seconds before I find my eyes wandering towards the clock.

Here’s an idea that those of you without strict firewalls can take advantage of:

Basically, you sit there and answer questions about a variety of school subjects.  It’ll start you off on vocabulary, but go up to the top where it says “subjects” and try your hand at math, German, World Capitals, chemistry, whatever.  Sorry, no Japanese option (yet).

This is an awesome website because you’re not only educating yourself when you might be otherwise sitting there drooling, but you also get to donate rice to those in need.  The site has an FAQ for all the nitty-gritty details, but basically the sponsors pay for 10 grains of rice to be donated for every answer you get right.

Cool thing is, you don’t need to sign up for anything, and your rice is totalled after every question, so if you only have time to answer 3 questions, that’s no problem.  30 grains of rice have been added to the pot to be donated.

It’s a feel-good solution that’ll keep you busy for a while and make you feel like you’re spending your time a little more valuably.


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