Join the Hyakumangoku Festival

Every year, Kanazawa puts on Ishikawa’s biggest festival.

The biggest part of the festival is the parade (on Saturday, June 6th), which marches from the Kanazawa train station all the way to the Ishikawa Castle Gate. The parade is a huge event with people arriving hours early to stake out a prime seat along the path.

JET in parade as footsoldier

Fortunately for JETs, you can join the parade and be a part of the action dressed up as a samurai (for the men) or a geisha/maiden (for the women). These are hardcore, complete outfits marching along side with Japanese people who are a part of the parade.

JET ladies in Hyakumangoku Parade.

This is a unique opportunity, so if you’re interested, check out the details:

Fee: 700 yen (lunch included)

Contact: Yoko Kawamori (090-8265-0283). She speaks English. Call and let her know you want to join the parade!

Date: Saturday, June 6th

Deadline: Saturday, April 18th


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