Noto’s Tomobata Matsuri

Ships on Parade

Ships on Parade

In the new edition of the Ishikawa Express there is mention of some of the upcoming events going on in Ishikawa.  The “Events in Ishikawa” section includes information on some Noto events.  And if you haven’t already been to the Noto, going to a festival or rice planting event would be a great reason to take the trip up.  Noto’s scenery, both coastal and inland, is breathtaking and even after two and a half years here I still can’t get enough of exploring it.  There are a variety of different festivals that attract visitors from around Japan including the popular Abare Matsuri.

The Tomobata Matsuri which is coming up in May was not mentioned.  It is quite small but is one that I really enjoy.  Every fishing village has one of these festivals in the Spring before the ships go out to sea.  They pray for the  safety of the crew and a good catch. 

What:   Tomobata Matsuri – a ship festival where about 10 ships with 20 meter high flags cruise between Oogi Port and Tsukumo Bay 

When:   May 2nd and 3rd – festivities start early morning and end in the evening

Where:   Oogi Port, Suzu City – about 35 minutes by car from Noto Airport

Cost: FREE…of course, you may want to bring money for festival food.

Oogi’s Tomobata Matsuri is a great opportunity to experience a different kind of festival.  For more information, please call 0768-62-8532.


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