Hey Fergal Here,
Today I am going to tell you about something you may or may not have noticed in your school. Its a Sasumata or Man-Catcher

Its a long aluminium pole with a horned ending and looks like this


It was used by law enforcement in the edo period to restrain criminals.

It is still sometimes used by police as a self defense tool and the mounted riot police are trained in its use on horseback.

It is also used by some schools as a defense against school invasion. If a person enters a school armed with a knife, teachers are expected to restrain the individual using a variety of techniques, that pin the target to the wall, or the floor.

Here is an interesting video on Youtube that shows some use of the Sasumata

In my school we have an annual training seminar in the use of the Sasumata right before the beginning of the school year.

While I hope you never need to use this for its intended purpose, because that would mean some lunatic was running though your school with a knife which is never a pleasant experience, I hope you find this unique device interesting.


2 thoughts on “Sasumata

  1. Where can I buy one? I’m in the US, but I’d like to get one asap, I’ll pay whatever import fees/taxes apply. Thanks!

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