Sometimes you feel like a (health) nut

Too many plates of curry rice and katsu left you feeling a little icky and/or like a deep fried hunk of goo?

*nodding my own head*

Alright, then why not head down to Nonoichi’s one and only Noppokun for a dose of the best tasting health food this side of the Mississippi? Why not indeed.

Noppokun is an organic grocery and fair trade store with a cozy cafe upstairs that serves yummy doses of goodness. After you browse through the real samples of dishes on display, grab one of the small baskets and place the colored balls in front of said samples in your basket. Rice, soup, and dessert are tiny cards (rice comes with free second helpings!). Choose your drink from the menu at the register, hand over your basket, give the nice lady your money, and then have a look around at all the cool fair trade stuff while waiting for your food which will look something like this:

Yummy goodness

Here we have some kind of potato salad, a veggie burger, greens, and the best brown rice ever (really). This is the kind of food that will remind you of what real food tastes like. Slow down and savor it.


To get to Noppokun from Kanazawa, take the 40, 41, or Terai Public Office bus from Kanazawa station. Get off at 野々市中央 (Nonoichishi-chuuou), the stop in front of V10. (Edited to add: V10 is a gym/health club. It’s big and grey.) Turn right on the corner where V10 is and walk down about two blocks where you’ll see a strip of two story shops on the right. Noppokun is about 5 shops down. By car, take the 157 and turn left at the V10 corner. There’s parking available behind Noppokun by the library.

Hours: Cafe: 10:00-19:00; lunch: 11:30-14:30

Closed Mondays.

921-8815 石川県石川郡野々市町本町2-1-24

921-8815 Ishikawa-ken Ishikawa-gun Nonoichi-machi Honmachi 2-1-24


8 thoughts on “Sometimes you feel like a (health) nut

  1. V10 is the biggest, baddest gym around. It’s a huge grey structure- you can’t miss it.
    Hope you give Noppokun a try!

  2. What? I totally didn’t know you get free second helpings on the rice >.< I’ve been getting ripped off!

    Seriously, their food is the best. You have to go there. Also, on the first floor there’s a store with all sorts of heath food goodness.

  3. My partner and I made it to Noppo-kun after the Tsubaki Matsuri, and we were not disappointed! The food was amazing, and I bought some nice organic chocolate and fair-trrade coffee beans on the way out. The staff is really friendly, too. Highly recommend.

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