Saying Goodbye

Yesterday, and indeed today, there are probably some new faces floating about your office. And if you’re anything like me, you’re too busy lamenting the loss of the sarcastic math teacher to force yourself out of your despair and meet them.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t collected contact info on the teachers who hae left yet, it may be a little too late to do so (buf if you’re serious, hit up a co-worker, they probably know some email addresses), but it is never to early to make new friends.

It’s always hard entering a new work environment, and while things are a little different for you, it is much more different for the new teachers. Some of these new teachers may have never worked with an ALT, or if they have, never spoken to one.

So put on your friendly face, even if you don’t speak much Japanese, and make your work new environment a little more enjoyable. Just letting them know that you are friendly, or even just a warm smile here and there can transform your office.


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