Kanou Bar

Yes, two bar reviews in a row. Why? Because I said so. Also? It’s the end of the school year and I think we are all in serious need of some adult beverages right about now.

Kanou Bar is not your typical drinking establishment. It’s not noisy, crowded, or obnoxious in any way. Instead, it’s subdued, intimate, and elegant. Sit on a cushion at the bar and breathe in the delicate aroma of incense. Enjoy a glass of Imo-sochu poured over a hand carved ball of ice. Savor this with a small plate of sweet tomatoes topped with goat cheese. Talk to the bartender about the beautiful Japanese ceramic collection on display and ask his assistant about her lovely kimono.  Pay the bill (which will be a pretty penny, but so worth it) and tell them you’ll “mata kimasu.”

Because you will.

Kanou Bar is located behind Kohrinbo 109. (Oh, and the picture on the masthead of their site is not what the bar looks like.)



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