Hey there Bar Flies, Fergal here.

Today I am going to talk about a bar in Kanazawa called Sturgis.

Drinks are ¥500

To get there go to Katamachi, Walk towards the end by the blue bridge, turn left at the last Daily before the bridge.

p3220098Then go forward a little, and go into the building on your left,


take the lift to the 4th floor (the sign will be blank for this floor) and you’ll see this door


the bar man is very cool


The bar is full of odd but cool stuff


There are loads of instruments and if its not too busy the bar man will jam with you

p3220093Its a great bar


Also you get nuts when you come in

I hope you try this bar 🙂



One thought on “Sturgis

  1. It’s a really cool place! The kind of place where you create your own party. From what I understand, bands will sometimes just show up and do a show. The owner has musical instruments everywhere, so if you ask him, you can most likely just play. Highly recommended!!

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