Get your shop on in Nonoichi. Really.

If you’ve never been to Nonoichi, I’m about to give you a reason to undertake the ever so arduous journey here. Yes, we are already famous for being the “Bedroom Town of Kanazawa” (how risque!). But if you look very, very closely at a map of Nonoichi from 1984, you’ll see in tiny parentheses, written in ink only visible by the light of a firefly decorating the hair of a mermaid our true name…

“Super Boutique Extravaganza Land.” 

How do I get to this magical place you ask? Be quiet for a second and I’ll tell you. It’s only slightly more complicated than following the yellow brick road. Take Route 157 from Kanazawa, hang a left at the intersection with a McDonald’s. Go straight for a while. Pass the Nonoichi Town Hall (you’ll see a big red tower on your left), pass Tsutaya/Meibundo on your right. Soon you’ll see a “Musash” home center (huge grey structure on your left). At that signal,look to your right.  Behold a boutique the size of a supermarket.  The name is “Rene Famille.” Step inside. After you’ve wandered around in wonder for oh, about 3 hours, head across the street  to “B & B House” to happily do it all over again. Both stores have a grand collection of stationery, house ware, skincare, makeup, jewelry, clothes, and everything else you never knew you needed until you saw it.

(By bus, hop on the 40, 41, or the “Terai Public Office,” get off at the first stop after McDonald’s.  The stop is called ‘Taheji’.  On your left, you’ll see a concert hall (Forte) on a small street. Here, you can catch the “Notti” bus for 100 yen. Take the “Red” route and get off at the Nonoichi Town Hall.  Then, get off and hop on the “Orange” Notti and get off when you see the “Musash” home center.) 



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