School Songs

It’s that time in Spring for the little kiddies to graduate, which means hour long ceremonies laden with heavy symbolism about the student’s entering into the Springtime of their life, and of course, the ubiquitous  school song (to which, no doubt most of us awkwardly mouth the lyrics to).

For those of you who teach at different schools, you’ll notice that each school has a different melody and different lyrics  specific to the school.

So where do all these school songs come from?

Well, I took the liberty to ask my coworker, and this was his answer (loosely translated):

Every school has a different song, and they are penned by a lot of different people. Sometimes its written by a famous singer who is from the prefecture, and other times it was written by a Music teacher decades ago. Oftentimes, the lyrics are written by the first school principal. However, although every school has a different song, a lot of them sound very similiar to one another.

If you want to know who wrote your school song, just ask around! Someone will know, and it is a good way to establish a connection with your school and your coworkers.


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