Camellia Festival in Nonoichi

Photo: saotin

Cities in Japan sure like their symbols.  They have their special food, special flag, special flower, possibly a special bird and who knows what else.  Do you know what they are for your city?

Nonoichi’s flower happens to the camellia.  They seem rather proud of them, too.  There’s a huge sculpture of one next to a bus stop, a street and room in city hall are named after it, various images sprinkled around the city, and this weekend there’s a Camellia Festival at the cultural center.

If you’re near Nonoichi (c’mon Matto and Kanazawa folks) then you should stop by the Camellia Festival.  The festival includes lots of camellia ikebana (flower arranging), shodou (Japanese calligraphy), tea ceremony put on by the local high school, wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), and art displays.

It’s fun, it’s free.  Check it out!

When: March 21 (Sat) & March 22 (Sun), 9am-5pm.

Where: Forte Building in Nonoichi.  (Take the 40/41 bus and get off at “Taheji”.  Cross the street and you’ll be able to see the building.  It has a big “f” on it.)

Cost: Free (bring money for treats and green tea!)


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