Shodou Exhibition in Kanazawa

Photo: okuryu

If you’ve never seen shodou (Japanese Calligraphy) up close and personal, now’s your chance.

This weekend, March 20th (Fri) – March 23rd (Mon) 2009, will be a free shodou exhibition at the Kanazawa Bunka Hall (located behind Kohrinbo 109).

Local shodou artists ( including Nakayama-sensei, who teaches shodou to some of the Ishikawa JETs) will be exhibiting their work.  Some of the artists displaying their work are well-respected and have traveled around Japan to do exhibitions, including some in Tokyo.

I attended this event last year, and it’s well-worth stopping by.  It’s a single room with a variety of shodou, and if you’ve never actually taken the opportunity to look at shodou as art, it’s an excellent chance.  I mean, it’s free, it’s in downtown Kanazawa, and if you don’t know where the Kanazawa Bunka Hall is, head behind Kohrinbo 109 and ask someone “Kanazawa Bunka Hall wa, doko desu ka?”.  Someone will be able to point it out.  Don’t be shy!

When: March 20 (Fri) – 23 (Mon)

Where: Kanazawa Bunka Hall (behind Kohrinbo 109)

Cost: Free


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