There are many great ways to make memories in Japan, but none so cheap and enjoyable as that of the good ol’ purikura.

Purikura, the Japanese shortening of Print Club, is not like any old photobooth. No! Indeed it is not!

Having fun in Nagoya

Having fun in Nagoya

Since when have you done that in a photobooth?

Purikura booths can be found at nearly any arcade in Japan, and are generally inundated with young highschool girls. They cost about 400 yen for a sheet of about 32 pictures. In general, you take six pictures, and choose which ones you like best at the end (there is a time limit to choose, so choose quickly). And, most fortunately, they are not that hard to understand how to work, even though they are completely Japanese.

The first question is generally what lighting you would like to use. Generally, Japanese people like the whitest, but for us pigment-challenged European types, the susume is generally best. If not, we tend to look like ghosts.

Once you’ve taken your crazy pictures, you go to a small both on the side to write and have fun on your pictures. For me, since I use purikura as a way to remember my travels, so I usually write the place it was taken and the date. Then, I go crazy with all the different icons you can place on it, like cupcakes, beanie hats, and ridiculously large glassses.

Some arcades have cosplay options, such as the picture you see above. Generally, you only need to give them your ID card in order to rent on of these outfits. The outfits do tend to run small, so be sure to choose carefully!

When you’re done, and the pictures are printed, you can stick them like stickers onto anything. I keep them in my travel journel.

Happy purikura-ing!

Warning: Men aren’t allowed to do purikura unless accompanied by a woman.


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