Cheap International Travel: “Eco-wari Spring”

Photo: Ma1974

Not to sound too much like an ANA investor, but ANA airlines does have some noteworthy campaigns going on at the moment.  In addition to their on-going Tabiwari discount, which gives respectable discounts on domestic flights, they also have a limited-time “Eco-wari Spring” offer for international travel.

For the “Eco-wari Spring” deal, you have to meet the following restrictions:

  • Purchase your tickets by March 31, 2009
  • Depart from Japan between April 1 – May 31 (excluding April 29 – May 3)
  • Stay over a Saturday night at your destination.

Photo: http2007

Though most of this time includes working days, April 1-April 7 is off for most of us and April 4 is a Saturday, so you meet that requirement.  For most of the flights you won’t be able to leave from Komatsu, but don’t let that scare you.  Osaka and Tokyo are only ¥4,000 away. As a heads up, flights from Osaka and Nagoya are generally a little cheaper, and they’re closer to us.  So yay.

Photo: Koshyk

To give you an idea of the deals available, a round trip flight to Seoul (Korea) from Osaka is typically around ¥146,000, but with the Eco-wari Spring fare, you can fly for around ¥43,600.  That’s a nice savings.

Don’t feel that all is lost if you can’t meet one of the requirements.  ANA has all sorts of campaigns going, so check out their website. (Change the tab at the top of their page to see their current domestic and international flight deals).

And to be fair, JAL has plenty to offer as well.

Photo: seanmcgrath

As always, when you’re looking at super-cheap airline deals, remember to read the fine print!  For “Eco-wari Spring” you won’t be able to change your reservations once you make them and there are no refunds available.  Know what you get yourself into before you purchase your tickets.


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