Put the white chocolate down

Judging by the oh so massive shop displays devoted to all things chocolate, white, and kawaii, I’d say we just might have a White Day somewhere around the corner. But, I mean really. Are you in the mood for more chocolate? I mean we just had Valentine’s Day.

I say, try something new for a change. How do you feel about cake? And I’m not talking about just any cake. Imagine a creamy yet fluffy texture, not too sweet, and an ever so slight suggestion of savory. What could it possibly be? Why cheesecake, of course. The best cheesecake ever invented.

Eat me.

 Now you want to know where you can get your mitts on some, don’t you? Well, I’ll tell you as soon as you stop licking the screen…thank you. Go to Daiwa in the KZ. Take the escalator to the basement and head for Le Tao. Ask for the “Fromage Double.” Prepare to be disappointed by every single piece of cheesecake (or any cake for that matter) you eat from this day forward.

You’re welcome.



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