No Mas El Torito

Just found out yesterday and I am at a loss for words. Okay, maybe I can think up a few. The El Torito at Forus is no longer with us. Sigh. Where are we supposed to go for a burrito and a beer? And while we’re on the subject, where do you all go for non-Japanese eats? Any favorites you care to share? Discuss.



2 thoughts on “No Mas El Torito

  1. I’ve been missing El Torito for months >.<

    There’s an international restaurant called “Jo House” in Nonoichi, near the border of Kanazawa. (It’s across the street from Takaodai Junior High School). Probably a 20 minute bike ride from the main Nonoichi crowd. They don’t have much Mexican food, but they do have a fajita platter that is pretty good. (The owner also speaks English!)

    I haven’t found a place with a lot of Mexican food options, though. Anyone know a good El Torito replacement?

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