Get your Temple Fix

With the wonders of Teramachi in Kanazawa and the beautiful Natadera down in Kaga, the Noto temple and shrines remain woefully unknown. While Hakui isn’t exactly the Noto, its own temples remain a mystery to most.

In Hakui there is Keta Taisha, and Myoujouji Temple.

The former is a shrine that with free admittance and is dedicated to love. It’s a nice place to walk around, and has many areas dedicated to granting the different wishes. Some trails are lined with hopes of getting into college, others dedicated to marriage, and others to the happiness of friends and families. However, it is a short tour and should only take 20 minutes at the most. A multitude of charms are available here.

The latter is 500 yen, although some days (which seem completely arbitrary) are free. It is very old temple rich with history, beautiful gardens, fancy architecture and even has an English guide. There are still services held every weekend, which are interesting to attend.

Both have easy access by car (both off the 249. Follow the signs), but by bus it is a bit difficult. If you don’t have a car, I suggest coming with some friends and splitting some taxi fare.


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