Sweet Memories

Greetings fellow junior high school ALTs! Need an end of year activity for your sannenseis before they leave their innocence behind and enter the big, bad world of high school? Here’s one that takes up at least a whole class period or more if they want to get really creative. My students had such a great time with this (You know how much our wild and crazy kids love to cut, paste, and color.) Oh by the way, you’re making paper ice cream cones. Kawaii!!!

Sweet Memories

The blue ribbon winner

 Supplies needed:

– Ice cream cone template (I used this one): http://www.tsl.state.tx.us/ld/projects/trc/2007/manual/craftillos/icecream.jpg

– Construction paper of various colors to use as mounts.

– Supply of scissors, glue, and colored pencils (just in case  students don’t bring their own)

-An example (your own and/or from other classes once you’ve done a few)


“Sprinkles” (use a three hole punch and construction paper of various colors)

– Decorative paper punchers (you can find these at craft and stationary stores)

What to do:

Introduce the activity (tell them graduation is soon, yadda yadda yadda), show them an example and place on blackboard. Then give each student an ice cream cone with 1 to as many scoops as you think they should have (I had to cut my students off at 4. They were getting a little greedy.) Students should write their favorite memories on each scoop. Some of them will write whatever they want, such as “I like tigers” (see this masterpiece below). Hey as long as it’s in English, right?

After they have written something, they can color, cut, and decorate their ice cream cones. Have a supply of colored construction paper (cut a little bigger than the ice cream cones) for students to use as mounts.

Beg, steal, or borrow a bulletin board (or two) to display all these works of art. If there’s one near the entrance hall, even better. That way, on graduation day all the parents can admire what their growing-up-too-fast babies made and maybe cry just a little more at the sweetness of it all.


Note the bitemarks. Nice.

Note the bite marks. Nice.

Sweet Memories 3

School lunch memories

I like tigers

I like tigers

Sweet Memories 2


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