5.1 Earthquake in Gifu

In case you felt anything around 6:47 this morning, there was a 5.1 earthquake in Gifu Prefecture (which touches Ishikawa).  The epicenter was 10km under a town called Ibigawa-cho.  By the time the earthquake reached Ishikawa its strength was in the 1-2 range.  There should be no risk of tsunami since the earthquake was located sufficiently inland.

Photo: Sean Claudio Mancillas

Just a reminder:  When there’s an earthquake, get yourself to a safe place.  Then, when the tremors have stopped, turn off all sources of heat/fire, as well as your gas valves.   Prepare for the possibility of evacuation.  

Photo: youngthousands


Though we like to think positive, you never know when there might be a more serious aftershock or threat of tsunami.  Besides, no one has to know you’re standing around in your pajamas and snow boots.

For more up-to-date info about Japanese natural disasters (whee!) check out: http://typhoon.yahoo.co.jp/weather/jp/earthquake/.


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