Because Drums Rule

One of the things I miss most about back home is watching live music. In Kanazawa I’m sure there is probably a plethora of bands to be seen and heard, but I have yet to explore (If anyone has any favorites, please share!).

So, when an acquaintance of mine who is a member of a percussion ensemble e-mailed me about their upcoming show on Sunday March 1st, I got really excited. Why? Because drums rule. Put a whole bunch of them together and the sensation of the big sound reverberating in your chest can be a most sublime experience. If you’ve ever been to a Taiko show, you know what I’m talking about.

The name of the group is “Percussion Ensemble ASOBI 7th.” Here is the show info:

Date: March 1st 2009 Open 14:00 Start 14:30

Place: Ishikawa Ongakudo Interchange(Kouryu) hall

Ticket: Advance 1,500yen  Door 2,000yen




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