Attention Kiddies: New Tokyo Night Bus Route from Nanao and Kanazawa

Winter cabin fever got you down?

I know sometimes I feel a little bit country…and sometimes I feel like I just need to get the heck out of here.

If you live in the Noto or Nanao and need your Tokyo fix, there’s a new bus route available for your night riding pleasure. Most of us are familiar with the JR highway night bus from Kanazawa station costs 7,840 for a one way ticket and 14,110 for a round-trip ticket (must be within 10 days). For those of us living further north, the drive down and parking situation makes a Tokyo trip more trouble than it’s worth.

Fortunately, starting February 20th, there is a bus that will start its route at Nanao station. It’s only going to run on Friday and Saturday nights until mid-March, when it will run daily. The bus is by a company called Maru Ichi Kankou (丸一観光). The bus’ name is Green Liner (グリーンライナー). So far, the price of a one-way ticket is either 6,000 or 5,500 yen. It seems to vary depending on the day but, I don’t see any pattern (like weekends being a different price than weekdays).

Tickets are only available online. Since the website is in Japanese only, you may need someone to help you book. The website is Here is some information about the route offered.

Tokyo Disney 21:30 –> Tokyo Station 22:20 –> Shinjuku Station 23:00 –> Kanazawa Station 7:30 –> Nanao Station 9:00

Nanao Station 8:20 –> Kanazawa Station 10:00 –> Shinjuku Station 6:30 –> Tokyo Station 7:00 –> Tokyo Disney 7:30 

In case you don’t know about the alternate Kanazawa to Tokyo buses that are cheaper than JR, there are the following: Hokkoku Kankou’s Orion Bus (オリオンバス), that’s one-way ticket is 4,300 yen and Star Express Willer Travel’s Go Go Bus (ゴーゴーバス), that starts at Jusco (もりの里 ) shopping center and costs 4,600 yen with toilet and 4,400 without toilet.


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