Affordable Flights with Tabiwari

I’ve been told that the fields of lavender in Hokkaido look like paintings in summer.  I’ve heard that the beaches in Okinawa are gorgeous.  I’ve also heard horror stories about the prices of flying there.  Fortunately, with a little planning (at least 28 days of it, to be exact) it’s possible to fly within Japan without having to decide how many packets of ramen you can tolerate.

Photo: nakae

“Tabiwari” is a flight option available from ANA airlines.  It’s meant to reward people for booking flights early.  You can book a seat a maximum of 2 months prior to your flight (which is great for popular flying times).  You must book at least 28 days in advance to take advantage of the Tabiwari discount.

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As an example, a flight from Komatsu Airport to Sapporo Chitose is typically 66,400 yen, round trip.  Get a tabiwari discount, and it’s only 27,600 yen, round trip.  Worth planning ahead?  Yeah, I think so.

You may not be able to get to too many other airports from Komatsu, but keep in mind that you can get to Tokyo (via overnight bus) or Osaka (via local train) for as little as 4,000 yen.  It’s worth checking out the options from those airports as well.

Reservations can be made online or by phone. Both options have English available.

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Sure, being in Japan alone is a great experience, but it’s a lot of fun if you travel a little, too.

For more information: ANA Sky Web (it’s in English).


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