Coffee Break at Nizami

There is a misconception that the Noto is a barren wasteland full of nothing but rice paddies and old people.  This could not be closer further from the truth.  Although the Noto, at first-glance, may seem like the epicenter of boredom, there are many restaurants and cafes that could rival the best in Ishikawa, if not all of Japan.  

The cafe highlighted today is Nizami Coffee (二三味珈琲), which is located in Suzu.  As a coffee fanatic, I could not have asked for a better spot to chase my caffeine dragon.  Each day Nizami offers an astounding sixteen different coffee beans, which are sourced from all over the world and roasted in-house.  This showcase can be daunting, but a daily recommendation remedies any potential dilemma.  There are also six teas and, of course, espresso on the menu.  

In addition to coffee, Nizami serves up three homemade desserts that change seasonally.  From fig tart to blueberry coffeecake, there is always something to provide the perfect accompaniment to your coffee.  

The atmosphere at Nizami is modern-eclectic.  The plates and cups range from Suzu-yaki to flower patterned china.  The cafe gives off a hipster vibe without all the douchiness that comes with a hipster – i.e. it looks good, but can’t talk.  The young workers round off the scene,thereby making for a near perfect haven to escape the rice paddies and elderly that exclusively populate the Noto.  

Directions: Nizami is located along the 249 in Suzu next to Hachiban Ramen.  It is distinguished by a green sign with a white coffee mug on it.  

Address: 石川県珠洲市飯田町7-30-1  (Ishikawa Suzu-shi, Iida-machi 7-30-1)

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday      10:00-19:00

For those living in the Noto, Nizami is a high-priority destination.  For those hailing from the South, it’s an ideal stop for a road-trip.


3 thoughts on “Coffee Break at Nizami

  1. Went here today–I adored the atmosphere, and the cafe au lait and fig roll cake were amazing. Will definitely be back!

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