Anamizu Oyster Festival

“O Oysters, come and walk with us!” The Walrus did beseech…

If the Walrus and the Carpenter are still kicking round, I reckon they’ll be heading up to Anamizu this weekend.

Saturday marks the beginning of the Kaki Matsuri, a two day orgy of oysters and just about anything else you can throw on a barbecue grill. This festival has no pretensions: it’s all about the food.

by Kahtava

Photo: Steph & Adam

Anamizu (穴水) is located on the eastern side of the Noto peninsula, between Nanao and Wajima. The fastest way to get up there would be to drive, but there is also the Hokutetsu bus that operates from Kanazawa station. I’d recommend calling a taxi or arranging for someone to pick you up from the Anamizu bus stop, as it is on the outskirts of town.

Entry into the festival itself is free. At the entry gate, nice men will offer you bags of fresh-caught oysters – 10-15 of them – for 1000円, along with chopsticks and a cotton glove to aid in cooking them.

If you don’t care for shellfish, worry not, the outer perimeter is lined with stalls selling everything, and I mean everything: fish, squid, octopus, beef and pork slices, yakitori and pork and onion skewers,  chahan and azuki rice, slabs of mochi and raw vegies for grilling, ramen, udon and soba, and that’s only what I can remember.

For those keen on a more liquid diet, every stall sells beer of some variety along with the standard array of teas and waters, and connoisseurs can sample drafts from the Nihonkai Brewery, who have a stall of their own.

The festival runs from Saturday 31st Jan (10am-4pm) ’til Sunday 1st Feb (9am-3pm).

Seafood platters

Photo: Steph & Adam

Happy gorging! ^_^


For those interested, a JET posted her experiences of the 2007 festival here.


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