Fireman’s Parade

Last Sunday, the annual Fireman’s Parade took place at the Kanazawa Castle Park (not Kenrokuen) from 10am-11am.

The first half an hour is full of speeches.  You could probably arrive at 10:30 and not miss out on much.


The second half is considerably more active.  Firemen perform impressive acrobatics atop tall ladders, with their co-workers below, holding the ladders stable.


Following that, you might want to pull out your umbrella.  Scantily-clad firemen, armed with fire hoses, send fountains of water high into the air, which inevitably blow in the direction of the onlookers.  The combination of water spraying and sirens was a unique spectacle to behold.  Check it out.  (*This is a loud video, so if you’re at work, check your volume!)

For most of us, this isn’t much of a detour, so I highly recommend attending.  Just make sure you stop off at a coffee shop afterwards.


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